Pull any invoice out of your pockets. See the darkish inexperienced numbers on the top-left and top-right corners? They may imply your invoice is price far more than its face worth.

If a serial quantity’s digits are distinctive or fascinating, collectors could be keen to pay large bucks — hundreds or even thousands of dollars — to your invoice. You’ll take advantage of revenue off a $1 invoice with a elaborate serial quantity, since its face worth is decrease than, say, a $20 invoice, however it’s price scrutinizing all of your money. Who is aware of what your $100 invoice might really be price?

Realizing what your paper cash could be price is all within the serial quantity.

This graphic shows how to read the numbers on paper money.

What Are Serial Numbers?

Serial numbers are eight-digit-long codes which can be distinctive to every invoice. They’re accompanied by different figuring out letters and numbers that inform us which collection 12 months the invoice is from and the place it was printed. They’re discovered on the entrance of U.S. foreign money and are all the time printed twice.

Collection 12 months

On payments price $5 and up, every serial quantity begins with a letter, which tells us the collection 12 months of the invoice. The years are represented by letters A-P as follows:

  • A: 1996
  • B: 1999
  • C: 2001
  • D: 2003
  • E: 2004
  • F: 2003A
  • G: 2004A
  • H: 2006
  • I: 2006
  • J: 2009
  • Okay: 2006A
  • L: 2009A
  • M: 2013
  • N: 2017
  • P: 2017A

The collection 12 months can be printed individually on the foreign money, in between the portrait of the historic determine (reminiscent of Lincoln on the $5 invoice) and the Secretary of the Treasury’s signature within the backside proper a part of the invoice. You possibly can test on a invoice you could have at house to see how these match up.

On greenback payments (and $2 payments), the collection 12 months solely seems within the backside proper quadrant.

U.S. Federal Reserve Financial institution Identifier

Moreover, every serial quantity has a letter and quantity that exhibits us the place the foreign money was printed. The U.S. Federal Reserve has 12 banks, and every financial institution has a letter and quantity mixture related to it. The identifiers are as follows:

  • A1: Boston
  • B2: New York
  • C3: Philadelphia
  • D4: Cleveland
  • E5: Richmond
  • F6: Atlanta
  • G7: Chicago
  • H8: St. Louis
  • I9: Minneapolis
  • J10: Kansas Metropolis
  • Okay11: Dallas
  • L12: San Francisco

On $5 payments and up, the financial institution identifier seems individually from the serial quantity, although the letter additionally seems subsequent to the collection 12 months letter earlier than the precise serial quantity.

On $1 and $2 payments, the letter previous the serial quantity will match the financial institution the place the invoice was printed (reminiscent of Okay for Dallas) and the quantity portion of this identifier seems individually on the foreign money.

Classes of U.S. Paper Cash

There are a number of completely different classes of paper foreign money within the U.S., and a few are extra collectable than others.

Silver Certificates are payments issued between 1878 and 1964 in denominations starting from $1 to $1,000. They’re usually price between $2-$20 for $1 payments, $10-$12 for $5 payments, and $30-$5,000 for $10 payments.

Gold Certificates are payments issued between 1863 and 1933 in denominations starting from $10 to $10,000. Worn payments could possibly be price $100 or extra for $20 payments, $250 or extra for $50 payments, $1,000 or extra for $100 payments, $2,500 or extra for $500 payments, and $2,000 or extra for $1,000 payments.

Accomplice Points are payments issued throughout the Civil Struggle (1861-1865). They’re usually not sought by collectors.

Federal Reserve Notes are payments issued between 1914 and the current in denominations starting from $1 to $10,000. The price of a contemporary invoice is determined by its serial quantity and the way uncommon it’s. Collectors search for a number of several types of fancy serial numbers that stand out from the gang.

15 Kinds of Beneficial Serial Numbers

Need to see in case your paper foreign money is price far more than $1 or $5? Right here’s what to search for.

1. Low Serial Quantity

Collectors love payments with low serial numbers, reminiscent of these under 1,000 or 100 (eg. 00000100). On eBay, these sorts of payments can promote for anyplace from $20 to $100.

The decrease the serial quantity, the extra useful the foreign money is taken into account to be; a invoice with the serial quantity 00000001 could possibly be price $15,000, according to SavingAdvice.com.

2. Excessive Quantity

Folks additionally take pleasure in amassing foreign money with excessive numbers, and these could be much more useful than decrease numbers since there are fewer in circulation. Payments marked with 99999900 and better are particularly prized.

three. Flippers

A flipper is a notice whose quantity could be learn proper facet up or the wrong way up. Reminiscent of, 0069000. On eBay, flippers range from $15-45 apiece.

Four. Star Notes

Some payments have a star as an alternative of a letter on the finish of their serial quantity. Generally known as star notes, these payments are replacements issued when the unique invoice had a printing error. As a result of it’s towards coverage to supply a greenback’s serial quantity greater than as soon as, the mint merely provides a star to the top.

These printing errors aren’t widespread, so there aren’t many star notes in circulation. You’ll see $1 star notes on eBay for $5 and up.

5. Repeaters and Tremendous Repeaters

Blocks of repeating digits (reminiscent of 27527527) are wanted, with $1 repeaters beginning round $three or $Four on eBay.

A two-digit repeating quantity, like 45454545, is named an excellent repeater and is much more useful. Some eBay listings begin at over $1,000.

6. Solids and Close to Solids

A stable serial quantity is one the place each digit is similar, like 55555555.

Solely about one out of each 11 million notes is a stable, and they are often price $500 or extra.

Since these notes are so uncommon, individuals additionally gather near-solids, the place just one digit differs, like 55555575. These will often herald much less cash than a stable, however you’re extra more likely to discover one.

7. Binary Payments

Binary payments have serial numbers with solely two numbers, reminiscent of 29299299. A close to stable would rely as one among these binary notes, because it solely consists of two numbers. On eBay, some binary notes can go for more than $800.

eight. Trinary Payments

Due to the rarity of binary payments, some collectors even ask for trinary notes, which comprise three distinctive digits in numerous combos (e.g. 29329939).

9. Ladders

When the serial quantity ascends (e.g. 12345678) or descends (e.g. 8765431) so as, collectors name it a ladder. You’ll additionally discover “close to ladders,” the place one or two digits break up the ladder.

Ladder notes promote for anyplace from a couple of dollars on eBay to an unspecified (however excessive) value for a notice marked 12345678 to Old Currency Values.

10. Birthdays

Some collectors need notes with a particular 12 months or date within the serial quantity, maybe a well-known date or one significant to them. For instance, 02162006 could be useful to a collector whose baby was born Feb. 16, 2006.

A serial quantity that simply consists of the 12 months can be fascinating, reminiscent of 10901985 or 10002010.

11. Radars and Tremendous Radars

A radar serial quantity reads the identical backwards and forwards, like a palindrome. For instance, 06288260. A great situation, uncirculated $1 radar might promote for about $25.

If solely the top two digits are completely different (like 27777772), you’ve bought an excellent radar, which is far more uncommon and useful. Even a $1 invoice with such a serial quantity can promote for $70 and up on eBay.

12. Consecutives

When you could have two or extra separate notes with consecutive serial numbers, like 25348793 and 25348794, you could have one among these collection. They’re not unusual, since you may get consecutive payments at any financial institution, however could be useful if in addition they match into one other class on this record.

13. Doubles

Doubles happen when a serial quantity consists of pairs of numbers, reminiscent of 24459387. Probably the most useful sort is named a quad double, when a serial quantity has 4 units of doubles (e.g. 55998833).

14. Double Quads

Whereas technically they’re a model of a quad double, notes whose serial numbers encompass two units of 4 of the identical quantity are referred to as double quads. (Complicated, isn’t it?)

For instance, 77776666 is a double quad. These payments are rarer and extra useful.

15. Bookends

When the serial quantity has the identical two or three digits on each ends, it’s referred to as a bookend. Three-number bookends, like 36584365, are extra useful than two-digit bookends, like 36829736. Costs begin round $three for a $1 bookend on eBay.

Methods to Look Up Serial Numbers

When you assume you might need possession of a invoice that’s price greater than its face worth, you possibly can go surfing to search for the serial quantity.

To check it out, I regarded up the quantity on a $5 invoice I had in my pockets at MyCurrencyCollection.com. When you sort within the invoice’s eight-digit quantity, it’ll assign it a proportion on the “Coolness Index.” This index is created by CoolNumbers.com utilizing a components that evaluates numbers in response to its “fascinating properties.”

Our $5 invoice was 89.9% cool, or “nearly cool,” in response to the web site. Listed below are some details we discovered concerning the notice that made it nearly (however not fairly) cool:

  • It had a Four-of-a-kind and 1 pair, which solely 2.6% of payments reportedly have.
  • The invoice’s digits had a sum of 48, and eight% of eight-digit serial numbers sum to at the least 48.
  • It had 4 distinctive digits, and 9.three% of eight-digit serial numbers have 4 or fewer digits.
  • It contained two pairs collectively, which is true for under 10% of serial numbers on paper cash.

Sadly, “nearly cool” isn’t sufficient to push the worth of the $5 up, so we gained’t be making any extra cash on this one. And sadly, the greenback invoice was ranked as solidly “uncool” with simply 18.5% on the Coolness Index.

Nevertheless, checking on-line to see in case your cash is cool (or uncool) doesn’t assure that you simply’ll be capable to promote it for greater than face worth. Whilst you can record your paper cash for as a lot or as little as you need, it’s price is determined by what persons are keen to pay for it.

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The place to Promote Your Paper Cash

When you do end up the proprietor of a novel financial institution notice, there are a number of locations you possibly can money it in.

The simplest choice is to record your notice on eBay. Do a search to see what comparable notes are listed for, and record yours in the identical ballpark. You don’t wish to record too low and marvel in case you might have made extra; nor do you wish to record it too excessive and danger it not promoting in any respect.

When you don’t wish to take care of eBay, you possibly can search regionally to see if there are any paper cash sellers in your space. If there are, you possibly can take your financial institution notes to them for an appraisal and they’ll both provide to buy the notice from you or direct you to somebody who could also be .

Steadily Requested Questions

Nonetheless have questions on your paper cash and what it could be price? These ceaselessly requested questions ought to assist.

Which Greenback Invoice Serial Numbers are Value Cash?

Typically, the extra distinctive the serial quantity in your greenback invoice, the extra doubtless it’s to be price  greater than face worth. Some examples of uniqueness embody repeating numbers, numbers with a star after them and sequences (reminiscent of 12345678). You possibly can see a full record of probably useful serial quantity varieties within the “15 Kinds of Beneficial Serial Numbers” part above.

How Do I Know if My Greenback Invoice is Value Cash?

To know whether or not your greenback invoice could possibly be price extra than simply $1, you could study the serial quantity. That is an eight-digit quantity that’s printed twice on all paper cash, and it has one or two letters as a prefix, relying on the denomination. If the quantity is exclusive or has a star after it, it could possibly be useful. See “15 Kinds of Beneficial Serial Numbers” and “Methods to Look Up Serial Numbers” above.

How Do You Verify Serial Numbers on Cash?

You possibly can test your serial numbers on-line to get an thought of whether or not they could be price greater than face worth. See the “Methods to Look Up Serial Numbers” part above.

What’s the Worth of Paper Cash?

Paper cash is often well worth the actual quantity listed on the face (for instance, $1, $5 or $10). Nevertheless, some payments have distinctive serial numbers that make them fascinating to collectors, and subsequently promote for greater than their face worth. See “15 Kinds of Beneficial Serial Numbers” to be taught extra concerning the kinds of distinctive numbers which can be useful to collectors.

Maryann Akinboyewa and Catherine Hiles are contributors to The Penny Hoarder.

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