In 1996, earlier than Silicon Valley geek went C-suite stylish, Netscape co-founder and future VC king Marc Andreessen earned what was then the final word enterprise institution honor: the duvet of Time journal. The story described the internet-browser wizard as a brand new form of millionaire visionary. Sure, Netscape’s latest IPO made the 24-year-old fabulously rich in a single day, however he claimed to not care about cash. In any case, he nonetheless lived in a rented two-bedroom home and spent all his cash on CDs and canine toys.

Earlier than you even learn the article, nevertheless, the picture of Andreessen already conveyed all you wanted to find out about his particularity: There, in all of his casually matted glory, was the younger founder sitting on a luxurious, red-velvet throne in denims, a wrinkled black pullover, and shoeless toes as pale and bare because the day he was born.

On the time, Andreessen’s toe present brought on a tidal wave of tut-tutting and eye-rolling from conventional enterprise varieties. Who was this baby-faced clown and why did he appear like he’d been collared by a Time photographer exterior of a Phish live performance?

However Andreessen was enjoying his personal canny sport of footsie, sending unshod semaphore to the world that he was a carefree non-conformist–so busy pondering Deep Digital Ideas that he did not have a second to waste on petty considerations like, you recognize, sneakers.

Twenty 5 years later, Andreessen’s shoeless gambit–and do not assume for a second that it wasn’t a gambit–has snowballed into one of many strangest phenomena of the web age: the “candid” barefoot CEO picture. Nowadays, you’ll be able to’t name your self an outside-the-box tech titan with out photographic proof of bare tootsies for Wall Avenue Journal subscribers to ponder.

Herewith is a rundown of a few of the extra high-profile, post-Andreessen examples of this unbelievably weird enterprise pattern:

Mark Zuckerberg

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Everybody is aware of that the Fb founder loves a hoodie. It has been his signature look for the reason that early days of the social media big. However at 37, with a web price of $126 billion, Zuckerberg cannot fairly pull off the entire shoeless enfant horrible act with the identical street-cred–even if his creepy wax likeness at Madame Tussauds in San Francisco options him in naked toes. On Zuck, it feels further pressured. We get it, you are a distinct form of capitalist. (However, are you actually?) Now, go placed on some flip flops.

Mark Cuban

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When he is within the Shark Tank, Cuban favors fits and crisp gown shirts. Sitting courtside at Dallas Mavericks video games, he is often in a t-shirt and denims. However exterior of these settings–say, chilling within the Mavs’ locker room, learning the most recent white paper, or simply usually taking a break from some mild billionairing–the early tech founder likes to let his toes flag fly. It is not a fairly sight. His unstated message appears to be: “I am going to provide you with $100okay for 51 % of your organization proper now for those who fake you’ll be able to’t odor something.”

Richard Branson

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Earlier than he rocketed into house, the rule-breaking English magnate with the leonine mane at all times got here off as one of many coolest and most informal billionaires on the planet. Not solely does he have his personal airline and house exploration firm, he additionally owns his personal Caribbean island, Necker Island, the place he little question takes lengthy walks with the sand dancing via his toes. Going shoeless is simply a part of the entire Branson La Dolce Vita. Nonetheless, except we’re your visitors on Necker island, nobody’s dying to see your hooves. That form of factor might float in space–but then once more, in house, nobody can hear you scream.

Chris Hotchkiss

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The CaptureRX co-founder has been known as a “resurrected hippie” and “The Barefoot CEO” within the press. He additionally claims to be intensely personal. However apparently not so personal that he would not pose for photographers along with his au pure toes kicked up on his desk as if to say, “Positive, I’ll run a vastly profitable healthcare admin firm, however try how chill I’m!” In case the purpose wasn’t made clearly sufficient, Hotchkiss additionally made positive to roll up his shirtsleeves to supply a peek of his badass tattooed forearms. “Hey, Wall Avenue–Welcome to the gun present!”

Elon Musk

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After all, Elon Musk cannot be bothered with such earthly humanoid considerations as sneakers. Or perhaps he is taking the entire carbon footprint factor too actually. Not too long ago, Richard Branson (natch!) posted a photograph of himself with a barefoot Musk. (Branson, inexplicably, wore sneakers.) Briefly order, the picture was uploaded to the foot fetishist archives “wikiFeet,” the place toe aficionados have been lower than impressed. Musk’s canines obtained a mere 2.7 ranking out of 5. Ouch!

Adam Neumann

Hours earlier than being pressured to step down because the CEO of WeWork, the shaggy haired Neumann was noticed strolling down a Manhattan road chatting away on his cellphone in denims, a gray t-shirt and filthy naked toes. This can be regular conduct on the West Coast, however in New York Metropolis?! The place each sq. foot of sidewalk is stained by canine poop, human waste, and good old school poisonous gravy? Hasn’t this man ever heard of Tetanus? Then once more, seeming footloose and sneaker free seems to have been the purpose. As the small print of Neumann’s government demise have been being negotiated, the founder’s lack of footwear tried desperately to sign the time-worn mantra: What, me fear? Perhaps you would not sweat the small stuff too onerous both for those who have been on the receiving finish of a $445 million exit bundle.

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