ConsenSys founder and Ethereum (ETH) co-founder Joseph Lubin has implied that Ethereum is transitioning to “ultrasound cash” standing forward of the London laborious fork slated to activate round 12:30 pm UTC Aug. 5.

Throughout an interview with Bloomberg TV, Lubin was questioned on the upcoming EIP-1559 improve, which is able to see Ethereum transition away from a bidding-based payment market to a hard and fast worth and burn mechanism.

Lubin acknowledged that the London laborious fork is a part of a broader world motion by which step one is the “democratization of the Earth,” and the second step is the democratization of the decentralized finance (DeFi) system and the introduction of ultrasound cash:

“The second step that is in full play proper now could be the democratization of the worldwide decentralized finance system. And this step is the introduction of one thing that persons are calling ultrasound cash.”

The time period ultrasound cash has been a long-running meme held in Ethereum based mostly communities that mocks Bitcoiners who describe BTC as “sound cash” attributable to its capped provide of 21 million.

The meme refers back to the EIP-1559 proposal’s burn mechanism that would end in Ethereum’s provide turning into deflationary after extra Ether is destroyed than created. Every transaction will burn a base fee, ensuing in a reducing provide of the asset any longer. Some imagine that it’s going to give ETH a stronger worth proposition than Bitcoin (BTC) as “ultrasound cash.

“So we’re a hard and fast quantity of gold on the planet. And the mounted provide of Bitcoin represents sound cash to sure individuals. With $13 billion price of Ether locked up in Ethereum and $70 billion locked up in decentralized finance, we’ve huge demand for the Ether token,” Lubin stated.

“And now we’re burning the Ether token with the introduction of the London laborious fork,” he added.

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ETH appears unlikely to change into deflationary quickly after the London laborious fork, and the upgrade doesn’t ensure this by default. Twitter person “korpi” highlighted on Aug. 2 that this “doesn’t suggest that ETH instantly turns into a deflationary asset. For that to occur, ETH burned have to be larger than ETH issued in block rewards.” That is extra possible after the transfer to proof-of-stake.

Bitcoin maxi Peter McCormack appeared sad with Lubin’s interview and discussions of ultrasound cash, noting on Twitter that:

“Extremely-sound cash is a disingenuous use of language. It implies that Ethereum is best cash than Bitcoin. Whereas directionally centralizing and working with a versatile financial coverage.”

Person “bobMull12314085” discovered the humorous facet nonetheless, stating that “you maxi’s are so delicate.”

The London laborious fork is a serious milestone within the journey to Ethereum, which is able to change the community’s consensus algorithm from proof-of-work (PoW) to proof-of-stake or PoS.