*Good day to Emilia Clarke & Jason Momoa, yeah*

Cool, for real, dearest readers.

The duo Game of Thrones alumni treated fans to several their reunion pics, which both posted on their Instagram fan-pages like a bestie couple.

Fair warning: No one will be liable for your reaction to how adorable this picture (actually) is.


“When your sun and stars rolls into town you check that he can still bench press a Khaleesi.#💪🏻 #😘,” – Emilia’s caption.


She also added the hashtags: #drinkingwithdrogoimamazedwesurvived, #theboysarebackintown, and #likeheneverleft.


Oh well, you’ll remember that Jason & Emilia portrayed Khaleesi and Khal Drogo — wife & husband, how sweet! — on the acclaimed HBO.

Here’s the plot..

While Jason’s role was short-lived in the 8-season series, the duo makes time for reunion whenever he’s in the UK. A year back, Emilia shared on their close friendship, detailing that Jason “took care of [her]” during the series’ many nudity scenes, when she had absolutely no experience on a production set: “He took care of [me], he really fulfill, in an environment where I didn’t know I needed to be taken care of. I realize how fortunate I was and that’s because it could have gone many, many, many wrong ways.”


While this duo reuniting pic has got you all nostalgic for G.O.T., bear in mind that the show’s prequel “House of the Dragon” will be written on our screens too! Evidently on George R.R. Martin’s “Fire & Blood” novel, the series is set 300 years wayyy before the events of G.O.T.


As for Emilia, she’ll be starring in Marvel’s “Secret Invasion”, to come year 2022. Meanwhile, you can catch up on Jason’s upcoming sci-fi remake “Dune”, also starring popular Zendaya & Timothée Chalamet.


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