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About Urllure

Urllure unveils a full-fledged platform for overall individual and lifestyle.

In the beauty spectrum, we partnered with healthcare professionals – Aesthetic, Sports & Fitness, Diet & Nutrition, Weight Loss, Habits & Lifestyle, and General Health – to focus on physical wellbeing, spiritual wellbeing, and mental wellbeing.

Our commitment is to provide suggestions for improving the health aspects of everyone who visits our online platform – accessible via web, mobile, or tablet pc.

To set us apart, all visitors will be inclined to think smart and observe our guidelines to improve the level of fitness and health. Information pertaining to diet and nutrition, weight-loss, aesthetic beauty, esports, and other related healthy programs will keep you busy in nutritional planning.

Please use the resources prudently and adapt to your personal wellbeing.



Urllure’s news category is designed to fetch public health-related articles. Partnering with an experienced service provider, we provide health-related news regularly and update the news site with consistency.

Health news is an enabler of personal touch for you to keep track of latest updates of healthcare suggestions, guidelines, and communal living. Details are easy-to-understand in improving your mental and physical health – curiosity adds value to everyone including us.



As fitness enthusiasts, we take a step further to enhance your health. The importance of trend in personal health & fitness is growing each day. Amidst the prevalent health crisis, we will be outlining appropriate guidelines in educating health-conscious people worldwide.

Information rendered in this platform will be of research-proof and evidence-based approach. You may broaden your horizon in fitness products, health products, beauty products, and even exercise workout regimes here.

Experts in fitness detailed down easy yet effective methods to achieve your fitness goals. Albeit long periods of training, you can concentrate on several physique techniques, yoga practices, or other bodybuilding programs at your convenience. Avoid unhealthy weight loss diets and schemes.

Fulfil your expectations to enhance the physical & mental health. Make a well-informed decision today.


Diet & Nutrition

In search of proper food intake, look no further at our qualified dieticians and nutritionists. We pooled knowledge from credible sources with the aim of providing quality physical and mental health improvement.

All visitors can learn the art of healthy cooking, nutrition planning, and dietary requirements that fit their lifestyle. We penned down complete details about recent updates of products rich in natural ingredients to create a perfect recipe. Both physical copy and ebook recipe mix are available too.

Nutritionists and dieticians are essential in today’s context. Extensive guidelines laid out for those who require appropriate diet planning as well as health-conscious people wanting to enhance their health in terms of torque, physique, muscle, and mind to the pink of health.


Weight Loss

Weight loss need not be an unhealthy regime. Poor weight management is the leading problem in adolescence, teens, and adults worldwide. Kickstart your endeavor to reduce unhealthy weight gain.

Make it a mission to get rid of obesity, high-LDL cholesterol, fats, and other issues leading to potential health problems. We share review articles on top brands marketing weight loss supplements, weight-loss programs, fat-burning schemes, high-intensity workouts as suggested by experts.

Pros and cons of such items and regimes will better help you in planning for the next best physical shape within the shortest possible timeframe.

Inline with weight-loss product collection, you may be overwhelmed with sophisticated recipes and ingredients. Do consult experts in the area of weight loss products and programs. Rather stay safe than to personally try out different brands in light of expecting full benefits. Proper consumption is imperative.



Who doesn’t want a healthier lifestyle? Bear in mind that your lifestyle determines daily activities, future activities, and activities for your family and relatives. Be the lead model in physical and mental health.

Concentrate on the latest updates here in the lifestyle genre and keep expectations realistic to make a well-informed decision to improve the health in totality.

Our healthy lifestyle genre sparks interests to visitors, making them gear towards hale and hearty guidelines on a regular basis. Need not spend a great sum of money to improve the standard of living.

Regardless of age group, everyone has a commitment to be focused, healthy, and comfortable in their routine. Yield optimal health results and lower your risk of diseases and symptoms by adopting a healthier regime today.



In the business spectrum, we worked with professional consultants – Finance, Currency & Money, Cash & Deposit, Financial Institution, Bank & Non-Bank, and General Business – to focus on monetary aspects, financial aspects, and wealth aspects.

Our commitment is to provide suggestions for improving the wealthy aspect of individual who comes into our online platform – mobile compatible, web compatible, and tablet pc compatible.

To set us apart, all visitors will be inclined to think smart and observe our guidelines to improve the degree of money and finances. Information pertaining to cash and deposit, financial capacity, profit and loss, revenue, and other related expenditure will keep you busy in financial and legacy planning.

Please use the resources prudently and adapt to your personal wealth status.



Quasi models have longed been obsolete. Fiat currencies are being channelled into the boom of cryptocurrencies.

An inspirational innovation, namely Bitcoin, is an integrated coin for financial transactions. Classified as a stable coin, together with other alt coins, popularity of cryptocurrency spectrum surpasses that of bulge bracket banks, non-financial institutions, and even top-performing hedge funds.

Decentralized financial institutions, Defi in short, refers to delayering of conventional financial means like bank wire transfer, credit card, and other payment gateway processor. Economical processing fees help facilitate domestic and foreign remittance at ease.

Earlier on, crypto-invention focused on financial aspects only. Presently, the drive towards technological innovation and adaptation to new norms is on the rise. No one can deny the new future.

Truth is; the reason behind such prominence and dominance amongst the young, mid, and senior generation is simply the economical purpose. Growing interest in stable, alt, and speculative coins is not unreal or surreal. At hand, an online channel aims to provide users to learn about crypto currency and related information to better build their diversified portfolios.


The CryptoCurrency News

We closely follow the latest bitcoin news, cryptocurrency news, and digitalized transactions happening worldwide. This portal will enable cryptocurrency users and traders to access real-time press releases and news pertaining to the trending and volatile market.



Coins typically made up of three categories; stable coins, alternate coins, and speculative coins. The focus here is primarily on bitcoin, etherum, and rising moons. Modern-day currencies like them are mostly transacted nationwide and worldwide. The ideal marketplaces are Coinbase and Coin Market Caps.



Initial Coin Offering, herein refers as ICO, is a popular topic in the cryptocurrency space. All the ICO news, main & soft launches, and legal mandates are carried out in a chronological fashion. Updated daily here, users especially traders may learn more about whitepapers and ICO launches with ease.



Cryptocurrency spectrum largely revolves around exchanges. Always get a comprehensive view of crypto-exchange before dabbling into coins. Our partners offer concise guidelines towards the best exchanges in which you deal with your currencies in. More information will be unveiled on cryptocurrency exchanges in the field of taxation, finance and economics, politics, and commerce.



Regulatory bodies remained prevalent in today’s modernized context. New regulations are being rolled out on a regular basis. Do check in this portal to learn more on new policies regarding exchanges updates. Furthermore, we do share guidelines regarding regulation and deregulation too.



Akin to the famous foreign currency exchange market, crypto guides provide the essence to tread the primary cryptocurrency market and watchdog to the overall landscape in the crypto-universe. At the heart of the web, you can leverage on currency markets while use the articles to learn about crypto payments and trading in it. Readers may sieve through blogs and guides to attain wisdom on first-hand knowledge about cryptocurrencies and mining rigs.



Being an online publisher of information, catering to business and finance news, we refresh info on a daily basis. Preferred choice of sober business readers anytime over other impartial business website across local business news sites.

Tune in to the latest finance and business news. Gain access to almost 24/7 international business update; Asian time zone for FX transactions till busy London dealers and finally US Wall Streets trading, our quick paced financial coverage reassures any leading business organizations on their newsfeed.

As part of delivery service, continual development support from various agencies, consumers may inherit a colossus amount of data but not limited to; asset classes; mutual funds/unit trusts, equities/stocks, Treasury bills and bonds, currencies, derivatives, fixed/term/foreign-currency deposits, Initial Public Offerings (IPOs), and property services.



In the vegan space, we collaborated with altruistic vegans – Pure, Non-Pure & Hybrid, Diet Only, Weight Management, Habits & Lifestyle, and General Vegan – to focus on physical wellbeing, spiritual wellbeing, and mental wellbeing.

Our commitment is to provide suggestions for improving the health aspects of everyone who visits our online platform – compatible platforms i.e. web, mobile, or tablet pc.

To set us apart, all visitors will be inclined to think smart and observe our guidelines to improve the level of dietary needs and intakes. Information pertaining to diet and nutrition, weight-loss, aesthetic vegans, 100% veganism, and other related green-veggie programs will keep you busy in nutritional planning.

Please use the resources prudently and adapt to your personal comfort.



A quick search on the Internet for vegan or plant-based recipes turns you off, right? Basic and everyday recipe does not seem enticing even for full-time vegans. The lack of creativity on food often being the showstopper for partial vegans.

Spur growth in being creative with your ingredients. Give a boost in your vegan lifestyle by inviting experts and creatives into the kitchen. Feel free to use the recipe books listed here written by vegan specialists.



A touch of beautiful ingredient list and recipes for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Access the traditional vegan community as well as new editions to build up your menu. Identify themes, vegan products, and callable options such as beverages.

For those planning to switch to veganism, this is the best time to establish connections and digest related articles. Receive education pertaining to vegan food and beverage.


Breakfast, Lunch, and Dinner

When is the last time you eaten vegan cereals? How about soy milk? No one wants to swallow the same food daily, no?

Come, there is a recipe for everything including vegan diet. Spread the word in a peaceful manner, make friends and improve communal living standards. And learn the power of sharing of recipes and frequently revising your secret recipe. Remember, not all cuisines are made equal.


End Note

Give a boost to your knowledge today. Fine-tune your existing concepts and embrace new ideas to provide betterment to self. Always stay optimistic knowing the future lies within your means. Urllure will remain assertive in producing high-quality articles and fruitful innovations.